Shropshire Railways History Past and present

Bridgnorth to Kidderminster (The Severn Valley Railway)

For the history up to closure, please see the Shrewsbury to Bridgnorth page The Severn Valley Railway Society was formed in July 1965, a full five years before the last train ran on the southern section of the line. The intention was to open up the four mile section from Bridgnorth to Hampton Loade. After considerable fund raising the first public passenger train left Bridgnorth on 23 rd  May 1970. Progress on the development then happened incredibly quickly (considering the high costs involved) and by April 1974 the line had reached Highley, with Bewdley following a month later.  Getting access to Kidderminster from Bewdley was far more problematic: At that time British Rail’s intentions in the North Worcestershire area were very unclear and the presence of a sugar factory and its traffic south of Bewdley meant that reaching their final goal might never happen. Thankfully the line was saved and was purchased by the SVR in 1984. The great day arrived with the first train arriving in Kidderminster on 30 th  July 1984. Work then began on building Kidderminster Town Station. The SVR today is one of the most popular Heritage Steam Railway Lines in the country. Please watch my video of the SVR which is a station to station guide of the route.
Hampton Loade Station