Shropshire Railways History Past and present

                            Oswestry to Gobowen

Please also see Oswestry to Welshpool for information on the Cambrian Railway Oswestry became an important railway junction in Victorian Times, firstly by a short branch from the Shrewsbury to Chester line at Gobowen in 1848, some twelve years before Cambrian trains arrived from Welshpool.  The short line to Gobowen had one intermediate station, the halt at Park Hall. This halt is actually north of Park Hall and is situated very close to the Orthopaedic Hospital. During both World Wars this halt was used by troops as it was situated close to a large army camp which housed soldiers in transit from one war zone to another. Just to the south of Park Hall Halt is the level crossing over the A5. This road is due to development in the future, possibly becoming a duel carriageway. If trains are ever to run again on this line then plans need to be incorporated in the future development of the road; there is little chance of a working level crossing on a duel carriageway trunk road. In its favour, the line is still complete with laid track and a standing bridge. The line closed on 7 th  November 1966, nearly a year after the Oswestry to Welshpool Line closed. While Gobowen survived as a stop on the Shrewsbury to Chester Line, Oswestry was once again sent back into the railway wilderness. Gobowen Station remains active today with a ticket office and a cafĂ© in the main station building. The future of Oswestry to Gobowen Line is clearly in doubt, with most plans at present appearing to look south of Oswestry where development is less problematic. Personally, I really hope that a solution to the A5 problem can be found so that Oswestry can once again become connected to the national rail network.
Looking North from the A5 Crossing